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VitalPBX requires Centos 7 minimal.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. If you don't have installed wget command, install it in the following way:
yum install wget -y
  1. Download the script:
  1. Set correct permissions to script:
chmod +x
  1. Excute the script to install VitalPBX on VPS:

Festival translates the text into speech and can be used on the VitalPBX dial plan.


Copy to your home directory and procedure to execute.

[root@vitalpbx ~]# cd /
[root@vitalpbx ~]# wget
[root@vitalpbx ~]# chmod +x
[root@vitalpbx ~]# ./

Voice Select

If you want to change the voice you must go to the voice configuration files that is in:


Edit the voices.scm file and near line 328 will show the list of available voices, order in such a way that the first one will be the one we hear.

After selecting the voice, the festival service must be restarted:

systemctl restart festival.service

Now Dial


You should hear the following sentence

This is a simple Vital P B X text to speech test in english.

This script makes use of pico2wave translate text to speech service in order to render text to speech and play it back to the user. It supports a variety of different languages.


Perl: The Perl Programming Language
perl-libwww-perl: The World-Wide Web library for Perl
perl-LWP-Protocol-https: For HTTPS support
sox: Sound eXchange, sound processing program


Copy to your home directory and procedure to execute.

[root@vitalpbx ~]# cd /
[root@vitalpbx ~]# wget
[root@vitalpbx ~]# chmod +x
[root@vitalpbx ~]# ./

Now Dial


You should hear the following sentence

;;Play mesage in US English:
This is a simple Vital P B X text to speech test in english.
;;Play mesage in GB English:
This is a simple Vital P B X text to speech test in british english.
;;Play mesage in German:
Dies ist ein einfacher Vital P B X Text-to-Speech-Test in German.
;;Play message in Spanish
Esta es una prueba simple de texto a voz de Vital P B X en Español.
;;Play message in french
Il s'agit d'un simple test Vital P B X text to speech en french.
;;Play message in french
Questo è un semplice test di sintesi vocale di Vital P B X in italiano.

Telemarketers are the worst. They have no souls. They feed off of the misery of others. No one likes them. Luckily, a nice British gentleman by the name of Lenny has come to save the day.

Setting up Lenny in VitalPBX is a pretty simple task, and is also a really nice primer into Asterisk custom contexts, and the power of scripting.

First, you will want to create the Lenny custom context in Asterisk. SSH into your FreePBX and use your favorite editor to edit /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf. Add the following lines of code

First, you will want to create the Lenny context in Asterisk. SSH into your VitalPBX and use your favorite editor to edit /etc/asterisk/ombutel/extensions__80_lenny.conf. Add the following lines of code:

vi /etc/asterisk/ombutel/extensions__80_lenny.conf

exten => talk,1,Set(i=${IF($["0${i}"="016"]?7:$[0${i}+1])})
same => n,ExecIf($[${i}=1]?MixMonitor(${UNIQUEID}.wav))
same => n,Playback(Lenny/Lenny${i})
same => n,BackgroundDetect(Lenny/backgroundnoise,1500)

Next, use WinSCP to copy the Lenny sound files into /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/Lenny (you may have to create the /Lenny directory).

Now create a Custom Context in VitalPBX for which you have to go to PBX/Applications/Custom Contexs. It has to be seen as shown below

Yes, we do have that option. You can read a detailed guide on how you can do this on this article we wrote about High Availability.

No, when you make a High availability Deployment, both servers need to have the same specifications, meaning same CPU, Memory, Storage, and Licensing. So if Server A has an Enterprise License, then Server B needs to have a separate Enterprise License as well.

Not at this moment. High Availability with VitalPBX is designed for a Data Center environment, where you have full control of the network and installation process. Since you require to have three IP addresses, and need to make some customizations at the moment of installation. You can deploy High Availability on a Virtual or Physical Environment no problem, as long as you have control over network and installation. The machines could be on different locations, as long as they belong to a connected network where the can freely see each other for configuration replication.

When you create the Tenant, go to Calls Routing and add in Allow Tenant Trunk all the Tenant you want to communicate with.

Then you go to the previously created Tenant and you are going to create a Trunk and in the type you select Tenant and in the Tenant* field you associate it with the Tenant you want to communicate with.

Finally you go to Outbound Routes Create a route, select the trunk created previously and define in the Dial Patterns the prefixes or the patterns of the extensions you want to call.

The first step is to format our new disk with the Linux LVM format. After connecting or installing the HD, we will use the command “lsblk” to see the name assigned to our new drive.

VitalPBX Additional HDD for Recording lsblk

Now that we have the name, we will use the command “fdisk” to format the disk.

  • fdisk /dev/sdb
  • n (new partition)
  • p (primary)
  • (Press ENTER) (Use default partition number)
  • (Press ENTER) (Use default first sector)
  • (Press ENTER) (Use default last sector)
  • t (change the partition type)

See the screenshot for the options you should pick

VitalPBX Additional HDD for Recordings fdisk

List the block device again to display the new disk partition /dev/sdb1

VitalPBX Additional HDD for Recordings fdisk dev

The next step is to format the new hard drive with the desired file system using the command

 mkfs (make file system)

mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1


Mounting The Disk

First, in the root directory, we will create a new folder named “recordings”, here, we will mount our new disk temporarily for synchronizing the existing recordings.

  • mount /dev/sdb1 /recordings
  • mv /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/* /recordings/


Now that we have the recordings in our new hard drive, we will umount our hard disk for mounting it permanently at /var/spool/asterisk/monitor. For this, we will need to edit the file “/etc/fstab”, and add the following line at the end of the file.


/dev/sdb1 /var/spool/asterisk/monitor ext4 defaults 0 0

We can test that everything is well configured using the command “mount -a”. This command will mount our disk in the monitor folder. To test that all the data is there we can use the command “ll” to check that all our previous files or recordings are listed.


ll /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/


For a long time many people have asked us the following:

“What is the concurrent call capacity of VitalPBX or Asterisk?… What is the bandwidth consumption for calls in VitalPBX or Asterisk?”

We have created an article that talks about this.

VitalPBX High Availability

High availability is a characteristic of a system which aims to ensure an agreed level of operational performance, usually uptime, for a higher than normal period.

Make a high-availability cluster out of any pair of VitalPBX servers. VitalPBX can detect a range of failures on one VitalPBX server and automatically transfer control to the other server, resulting in a telephony environment with minimal down time.

We have created an article that talks about this.

To make a customer satisfaction survey involved three modules:

  • Queue
  • IVR
  • IVR Stats

The first thing you have to do is install the IVR Stats module, go to Admin/Add-Ons/Add-Ons and search for IVR Stats and install it.

Then create an IVR where the options are configured with a message that says, for example, "if you are satisfied with the antencion, dial one, otherwise dial 2". We create options 1 and 2 so that they are directed to an announcement that says "Thank you"and then hang up the calls. Finally select the Generate Stats option.

Now we create a Queue with some static agents and in the "After Agent Hangup Destination"  we select the IVR previously created.

We make a few calls and select the options and then go to Report/IVR Reports/IVR Stats and select the IVR and we will get the desired report.


Connect to your server console and run the following command:


[root@vitalpbx ]#  vitalpbx --reset-pwd {user}

Immediately after, enter the explorer and type the new password.

Sonata Stats

[root@vitalpbx ]# cd /usr/share/sonata/queues-stats/backend/
[root@vitalpbx backend]# php artisan reset:password {user}

Sonata Billing

[root@vitalpbx ]# cd /usr/share/sonata/billing/
[root@vitalpbx scripts]# php scripts/reset_pwd

Sonata Switcboard

[root@vitalpbx ]# cd /usr/share/sonata/switchboard/
[root@vitalpbx scripts]# php scripts/reset_pwd

Sonata Recording

[root@vitalpbx ]# cd /usr/share/sonata/recordings/
[root@vitalpbx scripts]# php scripts/reset_pwd

VitXi WebRTC

[root@vitalpbx ]# cd /usr/share/vitxi/backend/
[root@vitalpbx backend]# php artisan user:reset {user_name}


This may happen because the process of updating the databases or the creation of the configuration files has not been completed.

To complete the process of updating the databases we use the following command from the console:

vitalpbx --build-db

And to generate the configuration files use the following command from the console:

vitalpbx --fully-dump-conf

In some occasions the permissions of the folders are altered by some or another circumstance, this causes that VitalPBX does not work properly if a permission is not configured correctly, to solve this problem we recommend using the following command only:

vitalpbx --check-integrity

For features we have deemed essential, you do not require a license. So with the Community Version of VitalPBX, you get unlimited extension, IVRs, Queue, Trunks, Announcements, agents, and more. Licenses are only required for our commercial add-ons.

All of our add-on modules can be installed even the commercial add-ons without a license, including all the Commercial Add-ons. You will get all of the features for an unlimited amount of time, you will only be limited to the amount of objects you can create. You can learn more about our add-ons and how they work on this article we wrote about them

Individual licenses purchased through the store on our website are one-time payments. Licensing Plans on the other hand, will license all of the commercial add-on modules, are subscriptions, so for these you an choose between monthly or yearly payments.

  • Yes, we do have a Multi-Tenant module you can install on VitalPBX. This will allow you to have multiple clients using a single instance.
  • The tenant will feel as if they where individual PBX systems, even though they belong to a single installation.
  • Tenants can even have the same Numbering Plan! Meaning that Tenant A can have extension 1000, and Tenant B can have extension 1000. You can even set it up so extension 1000 of Tenant A can call extension 1000 from Tenant B.
  • You can get an in-depth look into this module on this video we made about it.

The Enterprise and Carrier Plans will both license all the commercial add-ons for VitalPBX, including the Sonata Switchboard, Recordings, and Billing. The difference is that the Carrier Plan will grant you unlimited tenants for the Multi-Tenant module.

VitalPBX works with any device that uses standard SIP/PJSIP. We don’t focus on specific brands, so you can choose any you desire. We do have our own clients, like the VitalPBX Communicator or VitXi, but you are not obligated to use these.

Licenses on VitalPBX are served per server. So, if you require multiple servers, you must purchase a license for the Add-on modules for each server.

  • With the Branding Module you can change the logo for the desktop and mobile view of the VitalPBX Server UI, one (1) base color, APP Name, APP Title, social media links, video conferencing server link, and login footer. This is applied post installation on a server by server basis.
  • With the White Label Program, you go more in-depth, like changing the Dashboard Colors, Installation Screen images, and Linux CLI Splash-screen. With the White Label Program we create a custom ISO with your White Label based of the Community Version of VitalPBX, so licensing must be purchased separately per server.

No, the Branding Module is designed for the VitalPBX Server Web UI only. If you wish to brand the Sonata Applications, you must purchase the White Label Plus Program.

No, the White Label Program as of this moment does not include the VitalPBX Communicator or the VitXi Applications (WebRTC or Mobile). We offer services for the Windows PC Version of the VitalPBX Communicator. So for more information about White Labeling the Windows PC Version of the Communicator, please send us an email to

  • The Minimum Specs would be:
    • 2 Core CPU at 2.2GHz
    • 4 GB of RAM
    • 50GB of Storage
  • To give you an exact set of specifications would be very difficult, since there are too many variables to consider, like how many concurrent calls you expect to have, how many of them are being recorded, are you compressing the calls , with G729 for example? So for this, we have created an article that talks about this. On this article we show you how you can use a script we wrote to stress test your system so you can know how many Concurrent Calls it can handle.


Yes, we do have Professional Support Packages available. You can choose between 2, 3, and 5 hours. Your support time does not have an expiration date, so if you purchase 5 hours, and use only 2 hours, you can always use the rest for later.

  • With the support packages you will have direct contact with one of our support engineers. You can then have a remote connection scheduled, have support through our ticketing system, request a web meeting, or share special credentials so they can perform the support directly to the system.
  • If you require initial configurations and initial setup of the system, this can also be done through the Professional Support Packages.

Currently no, we offer an 8/5 basis. So from 9:00 to 17:00 Monday - Friday, US Central Standard Time. But you can always report to us through the ticketing system or by email and we will respond as soon as possible. And you can always discuss availability with the support engineer.

There are two main reasons why Let's Encrypt might not be working::

1.- Make sure port 80 an 443 is not blocked by the firewall.

2.- If you have installed the GeoFirewall module, do not block the USA, since the let's Encrypt server needs access to create or renew the certificate and these servers are generally in the USA.

If you cannot enter the interface because the certificate expired and it cannot be renewed, we recommend doing a configuration reset and re-creating the certificate from the interface. For this we use the following command from the console:

vitalpbx --reset-apache-conf


If it was working correctly and from one day to the next it stopped registering the users' extensions, it is likely that the Let's Encrypt certificate is expired and cannot be renewed.

We recommend you go to topic of:

Let's Encrypt Certificate does not work


There are two ways to install VitalPBX on your own hardware:

  • Download the VitalPBX ISO
  • Installing from a Scripts

1.- Download the VitalPBX ISO

Download the ISO in the following link

Download Balena Etcher to copy the ISO to a USB

2.- Installing from a Scripts

Go to the following link and select VPS Installation Script


The hardware requirement depends on the number of simultaneous calls that you will have in your VitalPBX, we recommend you see the following blog where we explain in more details.


VitalPBX has several versions

  • Community, no activation required
  • Enterprise, to activate this version it is necessary to buy a subscription either yearly or monthly.
  • Carrier, to activate this version it is necessary to buy a subscription either yearly or monthly.
  • Call Center, to activate this version it is necessary to buy a subscription either yearly or monthly.
  • Carrier Plus CC, to activate this version it is necessary to buy a subscription either yearly or monthly.

For more information about subscriptions we recommend you go to the following link.

We recommend you visit our forum at the following link:

You can also visit our wiki at the following link:

If you want professional remote support, one of our engineers will be able to attend you, go to the following link for more information:


VitalPBX has many add-ons, some free and others commercial, to know more about our commercial add-ons visit our store at the following link: